See what courses we have to offer and how we can support you in your business to equip your team and make the most of their training needs.

Our training is based on Pragma’s proven AMIP methodology and framework, consisting of 17 Asset Management KPAs and is aligned with the international standard for asset management, ISO 55000 and GFMAM 39 subjects.

Our training can be attended at one of our venues which boast world class facilities as well as discreet and secure parking. Alternatively, we can bring the training to you!

Our Training Model

Pragma have two academies in operation

In South America, the Pragma Academy is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The offer of courses includes the MBA interface in Maintenance Engineering Management with the market, open or in-company training, focused on Asset Management and Maintenance Management.

Find out more about the courses offered via the Academy in Brazil
On the African Continent, the Pragma Academy is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Several platforms of training are offered such as short courses, ad-hoc on-site courses as well as CPAM, the Pragma 3 year certificate for operational workforce, a 3 year certificate for tactical workforce and a 3 year certificate for strategic workforce. Our flexibility is such that each of the 59 training courses which is offered within CPAM, can also be offered as stand-alone courses for a strategic skills development plan focusing specifically on areas where it is most required.

Courses are ISO 55000 aligned and accredited with ECSA through SAAMA with CPD points. Global training beyond the borders of Africa and Brazil are offered as on-site training at the requesting client's site.

Find out more about the courses offered via the Academy in South Africa Contact us to enquire about customised on-site training beyond the borders of Brasil and South Africa

Why Training?

A competent asset management and maintenance team is the backbone for the success of any asset management programme.

The systems, procedures and tools that are used to manage assets are worthless if the team working with these are incompetent or lack knowledge.

While many companies invest in apprenticeship programs, these apprentices, as well as staff being promoted to more senior roles, often lack a basic theoretical understanding of what physical asset management entails.

The Pragma Academy aims to rectify this imbalance through theoretically sound, yet practically applicable learning interventions. Understanding the required skills from shopfloor to boardroom, we have developed a range of short courses, advanced programmes and MBAs to fill this gap.

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Key Contacts

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Pragma Academy: Brasil
Daniel Lyra
T +55 19 3800 3500

Many thanks for the training. I found the material to be extensive and well researched and you presented it very well and with a depth of experience to back it up.

Whilst it may have been very orientated to industrial operations I believe the principles and concepts I learnt will be invaluable in the construction consulting/management work that we are involved in.

It has been one of those courses where my knowledge has expanded substantially over just 3 days, thank you!