Pragma is the 8th best small company to work for in South Africa*. The results of the Annual Survey is used to ensure a healthy organisation and better than World Class Employee engagement levels. This leads to more innovation, high productivity and ultimately, excellent client service.


Pragma, a provider of Physical Asset Management services, is an equal opportunity employer and we specifically want to grow the number of people with disabilities working for us. We are very serious about transformation on this front. So, if you have a disability (or not), follow the “Click through to the PED” link on the left to get your details on our potential employee database or scroll down to “positions available” to apply for a specific position. We are specifically looking for call centre agents, admin personnel and technical people like engineers, maintenance planners and schedulers (with and without disabilities). We hope to welcome you soon!

Why do people apply for work at Pragma?

Pragma has come up often as a brilliant place to work for in South Africa, furthermore the fields in which it operates interest me. (3 January 2015)

It's a company that prides itself in equal opportunities and has good values. (22 December 2014)

I would like to work for a company that cares about their employees, takes pride in developing people and that has a global presence. (9 November 2014)

I have worked with some Pragma consultants before and was very impressed their level of skills with regards to Asset Care. I would therefore also like to contribute towards the Asset Care arena and develop my skills at the same time. (6 October 2014)

I have always been a firm believer in Preventative Maintenance throughout my (about) 20 years within the engineering field. I would like to help other engineering professionals to "see the light" (25 September 2014)


Positions available - based in South Africa

Sales Representative (CPT) - Cape Town - Permanent - Response Deadline: 30 November 2015
Download the details of the position and the steps to follow here if you want to apply

Positions available - based in Brazil

No positions available

Even If there are no positions available, you can still opt to get your details onto our Potential Employees Database (PED). The PED is our managers' first port of call when looking to fill a position. If they see someone they would like to consider, you will be contacted by them directly.

General Enquiries - Please give us a call.

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