Software Tools - On Key EAM System

Over 5000 users in 170 countries use On Key to manage + 5 million assets

Pragma's Enterprise Asset Management System is called On Key. Its core purpose is to encapsulate an enterprise’s asset register, record the condition of the asset and to facilitate work management transactions.

The asset register allows organisations to optimally design maintenance tactics in order to improve the performance of their physical assets.
Work Orders is the transaction that drives the application along with spare part management.
Maintenance work is planned, scheduled and taken through the execution life cycle which eventually leads to failure model and effect analysis.

On Key is often integrated as the computerised maintenance management module into a broader information technology architecture. In order to achieve this effortlessly, On Key is deployed with an Interface Tool that can easily facilitate interfacing. On Key employs SSRS to deliver structured preformatted reports.

To get a visual experience of On Key 5 you can watch a short clip by clicking on this link. You can also further investigate specific modules by clicking on the links to the right and reading the information and viewing the clips.

Why is On Key so widely used?

On Key Video

  • Web-based application. No special ports and user installation requirements.
  • Training and accreditation.
  • Supports standard documented business processes.
  • Cyber centre takes care of implementation and roll-out support.
  • Licensed per asset with unlimited users.
  • Two models. Delivered on-premises or software-as-a-service model.
  • Multi-language.
  • Off line work management capability.