A growing number of OEMs are moving away from traditional business models to focus on after sales service. Often, this requires massive organisational transformation as businesses engineer a service culture; a process that necessitates an overhaul of tools, business processes and software systems.

Pragma helps by delivering enterprise asset management and integrated after-sales service solutions to OEMs. We assist our clients by providing the necessary information, support and advice to improve their after sales services business practices. Our solutions address the three foundational elements that should be part of every services business, namely people, process and, technology and tools.

Projects and success stories
  • Case study | Chicken processing equipment | After sales

    For Meyn, it is important to have a trustworthy single view on our Installed Base in order to develop, sell and deliver After Sales services.


  • Reference story | Packaging | Maintenance plans

    The biggest benefit of this focused improvement project is the reduction in claims placed by clients due to incorrect spare parts being ordered and work executed.


  • Case study | Liquid packaging | AM maturity assessment

    The Pragma consultants were able to assess the maturity of our organisation in a structured manner. Their understanding of the Maintenance Solutions market led to structured and focused input to our improvement process.