We have a diverse range of specialised physical asset management services and products on offer. If you are serious about taking care of your assets over the full life span of those assets, we are interested to work with you.

Asset Care Service

Our†unique Asset Care Service is based on a†partnership model where both parties are bound by service level agreements in support of excellence in asset management.†A team of Pragma personnel (account managers,†engineers, planners and schedulers) combined with†the in-house team,† take responsibility to plan and execute†the agreed day-to-day asset care activities†in the Asset Care Centre (ACC). The methodology and best practices used in executing the service are packaged business processes and supporting software tools.† All business processes are ISO 55000 aligned and meet†international accounting reporting standards (e.g. IFRS, GAAP and GRAP). Where clients have signed long term Asset Care contracts with Pragma, they receive the added benefit of access to a pool of senior consultants that can deliver†focussed improvement solutions.

Which aspects does the Asset Care Service address? What are the benefits of the Asset Care Service? What are the Asset Care Centre options? Which business processes do we use?

Our practical solutions allow our clients to reduce their risk exposure and ulmately reduce their operational costs.

Service Excellence

This is a service centre where new assets are assembled and end of life assets are refurbished for full re-deployment into operation.

How does Service Excellence work? Remote video access. Why? Find out what service packages are available

The most stringent maintenance engineering procedures are applied by a team of professionals to allign to the expectations of partners.


Asset management consultation is available to clients in need of projects and interventions to improve specifically identified aspects of their asset management programmes. These projects vary from short-term interventions to ongoing projects where the consultants facilitate focused improvement initiatives and the standardisation of practices to yield sustainable results.

Does consultation form part of the Asset Care Centre? On which basis does consultation take place? What are typical projects that the consultants deliver?

Our practical solutions allow our clients to reduce their risk exposure and ultimately reduce their operational costs.


A† range of public and onsite physical asset management courses are conducted within geographical reach of the Academy's based in South Africa and Brazil . The annual international Physical Asset Management Thought Leadership conference compliments the training programmes.

Our Training Model Academy in Brazil Academy in South Africa Training in China

All our courses are PAS 55 / ISO 55 000 aligned.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring (CM) refers to this host of technologies and techniques that are all employed to gain insight into the state of health of physical assets. These assets can consist of anything in the built environment. Mechanical and electrical machines, civil structures and other infrastructure, rotating and stationery equipment, etc. The fundamental reason for the growth in CM is that it permits a reduction in overall operating cost at the same time as improving availability, safety and quality with reduced maintenance resources. It is also an excellent tool for managing risk.

CM is synonymous with Predictive Maintenance (PdM), but itís success does not mean that Predictive Maintenance is replacing Preventive Maintenance (PM). Rather, it is a complementary approach that should be used in conjunction with PM to reduce the cost of PM and make it more effective. CM may be set up as an in-house function or procured as an outsourced service. For more information and contact details, visit our condition assessment specialistsí website,

Facilities Management

Pragma FM delivers specialist facilities management and cleaning services in Southern Africa. In any operation, maintaining the support infrastructure is as important as maintaining the assets itself.

Our business model ensures that clients have one point of contact taking care of their assets and facilities. We bring Facilities Management to life with one system and a set of engineered business processes informed by best practices and industry compliance requirements.