Asset management consultation is available to clients in need of projects and interventions to improve specifically identified aspects of their asset management programmes. These projects vary from short-term interventions to ongoing projects where the consultants facilitate focused improvement initiatives and optimise practices to yield sustainable results.

Contracting with clients

At first a client will state their current situation and challenges. A thorough assessment follows using the Pragma Asset Management Improvement Plan (AMIP). The audit results will be used to develop a long term improvement road map, which will ultimately result in the client being ISO 55000 compliant.

Our consulting teams have been instrumental in positioning asset management as a strategic advantage in the market place.

Consultation in support of the Asset Care Service

Where clients have signed long term Asset Care contracts with Pragma, they receive the added benefit of access to a pool of senior consultants that can deliver specifically identified consulting interventions.  Consultation always takes place in support of the on-site asset management team.

Typical projects that the consultants enter into include:

  • ISO 55 000 alignment and preparation for certification
  • Development of an asset-management charter consisting of a policy, strategy and a master plan
  • Development of asset care plans, standards and procedures
  • Focused improvement in support of asset/plant optimisation
  • Asset identification, verification and condition assessments
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Energy Management
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Asset Management Performance Measurement
  • MRO Inventory Optimisation
  • Asset Criticality Assessments
  • Implementation of Condition Based Maintenance programmes
  • Shutdown Management
We believe the success of consulting interventions are dependent on:
  • the client understanding what their needs or challenges are and that they are prepared to address these
  • the on-site team understanding and agreeing with the proposed solutions and participating in the planning, implementation and executing thereof
  • the enabling of the team to ensure that the required work continues after the consultants have completed their part of the agreement
  • senior management’s support of the provided solution
  • a culture of continuous improvement and a team that is geared towards finding practical solutions, even if it means new ways of doing things.