PAM Road Map

Pragma’s service road map is aligned to the elements addressed in ISO 55000, GFMAMs 39 Subjects and PAS 55.Generally a client would start off with Maintenance Management and move on to the next step once they reach the maturity to sustainably apply the best practices required for that specific level. A broad overview of what we address in each phase is set out below.

Maintenance Management

Status: This forms the core of our service and the foundation for the other phases. The main focus is on planning and scheduling maintenance work.
Key elements: The asset register, CMMS, weekly/monthly work management meetings and reports.
Our solution: The Asset Care Service is a perfect fit to help a client meet maturity before moving to the next level.
Key measure: Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM).

Zero unplanned Stops

Status: Here asset management is leveraged for bottom-line results. The main focus is on elimination of downtime and waste.
Key elements: measurement, problem solving, reliability engineering, optimisation, benefits, aligned with TPM and Lean.
Our solution: To be delivered via the Asset Care Service with consulting support.
Key measure: Overall equipment effectiveness (OEEs).

Physical Asset Management for Sustainability

The status: Asset management with a long term, holistic view, addressing the full scope of ISO 55000, GFMAMs 39 Subjects and PAS 55. Sustainability is the core.
Key elements: Life cycle management, HSSE, change and risk management, energy reduction.
Our solution: To be delivered largely by consulting interventions.
Key measure: Return on asset investment (ROA).

For a detailed discussion on what should be achieved in each level and what we have to offer in terms of services, training and products, you can ask to be contacted by a Solutions Engineer.