Service Excellence

How does Service Excellence work?

Service Excellence is a service centre where new assets are assembled and end of life assets are refurbished for full re-deployment into operation. This unit also takes responsibility for the installation and commissioning of these assets at clients’ sites. The fully fledged workshop is run as an operational Asset Care Centre which is an excellent example of living “The Pragma Way”. This means that all business processes, best practices, consulting and training initiatives that are packaged as part of the Pragma ACC pack are utilised ensuring a rigorous and pragmatic approach towards asset management. A team of highly qualified engineers and artisans are responsible for the refurbishment, installation and commissioning of these assets. Engineers have specifically been trained to ensure exceptional quality of work to meet client expectations. Training is a combination of physical asset management courses that are packaged as part of the Pragma ACC pack together with technical machine specific training offered in conjunction with the machine manufacturer.

Remote video access. Why?

Once the end of life asset arrive at the centre, it is evaluated and a full refurbishment plan report prepared for the client. On approval of the proposal, the client is given access to a special video portal from where communication with the client and real life monitoring of the progress on the work is done. Should any specific details need to be viewed on the asset, the client can see what exactly is discussed and make a decision on what should be done remotely. Generally a refurbishment project takes up to 8 weeks before the asset is re-deployed into operation.

What service packages are available?

On completion of commissioning, Service Excellence can also take responsibility for the execution of preventive maintenance as well as the installation of rebuilding kits. The physical asset management and administration can also be offered as an AC service by the Consulting division. This can include the development and optimisation of asset care plans for the specific assets.