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5 tips to stifle waste in your operation

Any organisation can benefit from implementing 5S. 5S is a system to organise the workplace and establish basic discipline to make the work easier and more effective. It is the first step towards more focussed improvement initiatives in the organisation. It is not simply “housekeeping” or a tidying up for the VIP visitors!

  • Sort: get rid of unnecessary items. This will remove clutter, which wastes time and steals energy. It will also free up space to be able to move around more freely and store the necessary items neatly – no need to expand the facility.
  • Shine: deep clean the area. This creates a clean work area which is healthy, pleasant and conducive to good quality workmanship. It also makes it easier to keep the area clean and prepares the area for painting, demarcations, storage racks, etc if necessary.
  • Set in Order: a place for everything and everything in its place. This improves productivity by eliminating the time wasted when searching for items. Everything must be easy to fine, where it is required, clearly marked and always returned to its location.
  • Standardise: agree on rules and standards to make 5S a habit. Rules and standards ensure that there are no ambiguity, that the correct way is visual and easy understandable as well as user-friendly.<
  • Sustain: maintain 5S through discipline. Management focus, accountability and follow-through is required to ensure that 5S is an established best practice in the organisation. This established a culture of discipline in the organisation.

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