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Six reasons why organisations need Pragma’s Generator Asset Health Management service

Six reasons why organisations need Pragma's Generator Asset Health Management service with online monitoring and maintenance management

Clients like ShellPEP and Dipula Income Fund trust us to conduct online monitoring to manage the maintenance and refuelling of their generators. Here are some reasons why our generator online monitoring and management solution can better help you to ensure business continuity.

1. Equipment compatibility 

Our gateway device is compatible with various generator controller brands and models, enabling data collection (via online monitoring) from an entire fleet of generators. This allows for a comprehensive performance overview, making identifying and addressing potential issues easier before they become major problems. Data from different types of generator controllers can be processed and stored uniformly, facilitating easy analysis and comparison across the fleet.  

2. Data accessibility 

Data is continuously collected from generator controllers and stored centrally on an integrated enterprise asset management system. This design allows for the following benefits: 

  • Alarms are centrally triggered and channelled through the EAMS instead of at a generator level 
  • Access to data leading up to alarms 
  • Centralised ability to add, remove or adjust alarm triggers without the need to visit each generator to apply changes 
  • Uniform processing and storage of data gathered from various generator controller brands and models 
  • The ability to trend and compare data across generators to identify anomalies. 

3. Optimal generator utilisation 

Recorded generator load can aid decision-making around generator utilisation. This includes determining if: 

  • The generator size is appropriate for the installation environment,  
  • The additional load can be added, and  
  • The load is balanced between the generator’s phases.  

4. Benchmarking and trending  

Our engineers have access to a big data pool across different generator brands and sizes. By comparing data from different generators, we can help identify inefficiencies in refuelling practices at specific sites, while trending monitoring points can reveal “hidden” failures, such as a malfunctioning charger. 

5. Governance  

Detailed data collected during generator operation enables accurate calculation of fuel consumption. This data allows for more precise forecasting of refuelling needs and reconciliation of fuel bills against fuel usage. In addition, we also oversee contractor management, perform cost benchmarking and manage contractor service level agreements. 

6. Flexible operational and maintenance strategies 

Reports are sent to site managers, providing vital information and prompting them to take corrective action if necessary. Alarm limits can also be adjusted centrally to accommodate operational or generator-specific requirements. For example, a critical site with a longer lead time for fuel can be triggered for refuelling earlier than other sites. 

If you are interested and want to see how much we can help your business cut down on the overall costs of your generators:

  • run the numbers on our Generator Health Management Savings Calculator here, or
  • look at our Generator Asset Health Management Service here.

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