About Us

We understand our clients and their needs, and make a positive contribution to their future.

We provide the opportunity for individuals to enjoy their working lives as much as their home lives while playing to their strengths.

We foster a team environment in which each individual is recognised, valued and developed to support our company strategy.  

We are honest and act with integrity in all our endeavours to grow the company towards a sustainable future.

Board Members and Senior Executives

Adriaan Scheeres | Chief Executive Officer | Pragma Holdings, LinkedIn
Attie Nieuwoudt | Managing Director | Pragma Asset Management Services, LinkedIn
Aléta Jovner | Chief Executive Officer | Reatile
Dirk Janse van Rensburg | Managing Director | On Key Software Solutions, LinkedIn
Johannes Coetzee | Managing Director | Martec, LinkedIn
Henk Wynjeterp | Managing Director | Pragma Netherlands, LinkedIn
Melanie Daniels | Client Relationship Manager | Pragma Holdings, LinkedIn
Morne van Tonder | Chief Financial Officer | Pragma Holdings, LinkedIn
Stephan Kornelius | Managing Director | Pragma Advisory and Academy , LinkedIn
Stephan Pieterse | Chief People Officer | Pragma Holdings, LinkedIn
Vuyo Ngonyama | Non-Executive Director | Independent
Darryl Lampert | Chief Information Officer | Pragma Holdings, LinkedIn


  • Strategic partnerships
    Reatile Group

    Reatile is a holdings investment company with stakes in several Oil and Gas companies around the globe. They own a 37.54% stake in Pragma.


    Gordian provides advice on logistical services, providing planning services and realising innovations in the field of logistics services.

  • Technology and process partnerships

    The IoT.nxt platform allows rapid deployment and businesses to action an Internet of Things strategy with little or no disruption to current operations.


    Qlik offers business intelligence software that changes your world. Its BI software lets you stop guessing and making informed decisions faster.

    Free To Grow

    Change management and soft skills training specialists.





    Semiotic Labs

    Semiotic Labs provides data science services through algorithm development, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Research and collaboration
    University of Stellenbosch

    Department of Industrial Engineering

    University of Pretoria

    Department of Industrial Engineering