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Programme details

The programme consists of 21 modules, covering all aspects of asset management, grouped together in 12 themes, to be delivered over 12 consecutive weeks, with a final week for the practical project.

Delegates will earn CPD points for each week of learning completed.

The Asset Management Masterclass assists delegates with their preparation for the CAMA Exam. It also provides delegates with the theoretical knowledge required to implement Asset Management in their organisation and application for the CSAM designation with SAAMA.

Delivery format

The Asset Management Masterclass is delivered as a blended training programme over 12 weeks, requiring about 100 notional hours of learning. It comprises a mix of the following:

  • Self-directed learning (SDL). Delegates work through the principles, best practices, examples and guidelines on their own, with the flexibility of doing it at their own pace and at a time that suits them.
  • Facilitated live engagement (LE) sessions. Delegates have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns and get further clarification from the facilitator. Group work and classroom discussions about real-life case studies and controversial topics, allow delegates to apply the theory in practice and gain from the experience and insight of their peers.
  • Formative assessments. Delegates can confirm their understanding of the material, by selecting the ideal course of action for a series of practical scenarios.
  • Practical project. Delegates apply their learning in practice, by developing an Asset Management Policy, Implementation Strategy and Asset Management Scorecard for their own organisation.
  • Coaching and mentoring. Delegates get individual feedback from an experienced consultant on their projects, including attending a virtual workshop with the senior management team.

The blended programme has a fixed rhythm of 4 hours of SDL per week and 4 hours of LE, with an additional hour per week spent on the formative assessment and project.

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Karen Greyling
Karen Greyling

Academy Business Development Manager

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Partner Consultant

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