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Adriaan Scheeres receives SAAMA’s Individual Achievement Award

Adriaan Scheeres receives SAAMA’s Individual Achievement Award

Recognising the efforts of asset management professionals to elevate the organisations they work for, the SAAMA Conference 2019 saw the return of the SAAMA Awards. It is with little surprise that Adriaan Scheeres, dubbed the Father of Asset Management in South Africa, won the Individual Achievement Award.

Adriaan is the CEO and co-founder of Pragma, an engineering company who specialises in enterprise asset management. His deep understanding of asset management trends and market needs has led to the design of unique products and services such as the On Key CMMS, Optimal Maintenance Mix and the Asset Care Service Model. His focus on leadership and innovation has put Pragma in a position to grow at an average rate of 25% annually.

Other awards included the Project and Team Achievement Awards, won by Mercedes Benz Rivkle and Exarro Coal Central respectively. Having Pragma engineers on board of the winning and runner up teams, in both these categories, illustrates Pragma’s commitment to the industry and their clients as a whole.

“These awards cannot be attributed to Pragma or my performance. Forward-thinking asset management requires teamwork and a strong partnership with our clients. We are thankful for the opportunity to get involved with organisations equally as passionate about asset management as we are. The engineering team is often part of a client-centred organisation’s back office. We make it our front office, ensuring that our clients’ commitment gets rewarded with access to well-rounded specialists and the latest thinking in our field,” says Adriaan.

A Focused Improvement (FI) project at Mercedes Benz Rivkle conducted to mitigate downtime and improve cell availability and the Meantime Between Failure (MTBF) rates, won the Project Achievement Award. The runner up in this category was one of Pragma’s initiatives at a leading producer of Nickel and Cobalt in Africa. This operational risk reduction project made use of Pragma’s structured problem-solving process to yield its results.

The Team Achievement Award went to Exarro Coal Central recognising their asset management team for the significant contribution they have made to the mine’s asset management knowledge base. The team consisted of two asset care engineers and the physical asset engineering manager, as well as the mine owners and outsourced assistant engineers, including their planning department. Pragma submitted the runner up in this category for the implementation of world-class best practices for a client based in KwaZulu Natal with five sites.

For more details about the SAAMA Awards, visit the SAAMA website. Alternatively, visit Pragma’s webpage to learn more about our services.




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