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Why you need our expertise to manage your automotive assembly plant and parts manufacturing

A reliable assembly line – the centre of production output

Our engineers will help you to take control of erratic maintenance practices caused by reactive maintenance to prioritising the critical equipment in your production line and ensuring that they are optimally maintained to eliminate costly failures and missed production targets.

Our expert advisors can help you with a criticality analysis and asset type specific maintenance plans and see to it that they are correctly implemented in a maintenance management system from where all maintenance work gets planned, scheduled and reported on…

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Overall plant availability – balancing maintenance needs

Too many competing objectives hamper focus and effective maintenance interventions resulting in poor plant availability.

After a thorough assessment, our advisors will help you develop a formal AM strategy and supporting balanced KPI scorecard to direct the focus and attention of all resources.

This intervention will also align different departments, ensuring that all resources know what is expected of them, small shutdowns are better planned, spares and specialised equipment is readily available and external contractors are better managed.

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