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Are you proactively shaping your focused improvement process or is it evolving organically?

Author | Andre Jordaan, Pragma Partner Consultant Focused improvement (FI) is the overarching process used to improve an organisation. This might mean either reacting to a defect or making an improvement in the management of physical assets – the assets, processes and activities that enable a company to achieve its goals.  You might have an […]

Future trends in asset management | Reviewing the near-term practical implications

As the global economy continues to adapt to the complex effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) professionals need to figure out how to keep assets productive and safe in a disrupted world. Hybrid working models and the digitisation of maintenance management processes are evolving, and new trends […]

Digital Future Readiness in the South African Fuel Retail Sector

South African Fuel Retail companies need to remain competitive and future-ready, be able to tackle current low economic growth, Political / Regulatory and social challenges and make use of new growth opportunities and optimise the scope for digitalisation.

Managing your assets can increase your return by up to 30%

Pragma’s CEO Adriaan Scheeres explains Pragma CEO and founder Adriaan Scheeres, was busy with his Master’s degree in Information Technology when he came up with the idea of starting a consulting business in asset management. As the strategic driving force behind Pragma’s vision to become the world’s first-choice supplier of asset management solutions, Scheeres also […]

Data investment: Start now for future gains

Is the present you looking after the future you? Fundamentally, this is what investment in data now means for your business in the future. Consider what could happen if one of the sensors on a critical asset fails without anybody noticing. It could result in a catastrophe when an ageing transformer explodes due to overheating, […]

On Key Connect | connecting intelligent assets

IoT has been around for many years but has only started gaining traction in recent years. Technology has finally evolved to a stage where it is becoming viable for organisations to start using IoT to their advantage. Watch the video to hear more about On Key Connect, a Pragma product, and how it can assist […]

Have you done sufficient planning for your shutdown?

Pragma offers some valuable advice A shutdown often has a significant impact on the production capacity and cash flow of a business during the shutdown period, and depending on market conditions and demand for the product, can result in a substantial loss of revenue. Says Stefan Swanepoel, Associate Consultant at Pragma: “Shutdowns also account for […]

Asset management in the water purification industry

Asset Management in the Water Purification Industry – can the ratepayer expect any benefits from the Blue Drop Green Drop initiative that was launched by the Department of Water Affairs? The old adage “Show me how you measure me and I show you how I perform” certainly holds true in most cases. The Blue Drop […]

Is it possible to reduce the number of accidents in South African mines

What are the key factors in minimising the risk of accidents in mines? Mining companies really don’t want to have any accidents. They preach the story, they put it up on billboards and I truly believe they mean every word of it. The Mine Health and Safety Act also prescribes regulations that need to be […]

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