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A new era at Pragma: Scott Gibson appointed CEO Designate

After an illustrious 34-year tenure as co-founder and CEO of the Pragma Group, Adriaan Scheeres has announced his retirement, marking the end of an era characterised by innovation, growth, and global impact. Adriaan’s leadership has been instrumental in transforming Pragma into a premier enterprise asset management company with a distinguished clientele across the globe. As […]

Enhancing OEM Service Revenue Growth: Overcoming After-Sales Challenges

Author | Stefan Terblanche, Pragma Partner Consultant Over the last decade, more and more Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have targeted after-sales services as a value-adding offering to complement their traditional focus on capital sales. Margins on capital equipment have been under pressure, and support from OEMs has become an important selection criterion in evaluating and […]

Boosting OEM After-Sales Service efficiency: The power of an EAMS

Author | Stefan Terblanche, Pragma Partner Consultant Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) face many challenges when it comes to providing effective and efficient after-sales service to their clients. The typical OEM after-sales business process, as shown in the following diagram, consists of several activities that need to be performed. For an OEM to be efficient in […]

Pragma appoints new Managing Director in their Asset Management Services company

Nelson Broden, whose professional journey started in 2006, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role. With an engineering degree and an MBA, Nelson’s asset and maintenance management expertise is broad and deep, covering various industries across Southern Africa. His comprehensive experience includes active participation in the Junior Leadership Development Programme and […]

Predictive precision: How condition monitoring transforms maintenance strategies in Industry 4.0

Authors | Matt Bridger and Scheepers Schoeman Decoding Industry 4.0: The rise of condition monitoring The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is marked by integrating digital technologies into industrial processes, reshaping the asset management environment. This integration has opened up new opportunities for organisations to increase efficiency and productivity, with condition monitoring emerging as […]

Enhancing wind farm equipment reliability through effective asset and maintenance management

Navigating the future of wind farm management As the world inexorably shifts toward sustainable energy sources, generation by wind has emerged as a prominent solution. But to harness its potential effectively, the reliability of wind farms is crucial – and not always easy to achieve. In Southern Africa, wind energy is still a relatively young […]

Building resilient partnerships: Pragma’s approach to thriving in challenging times

Pragma’s contractors are not faceless service providers. We see them as collaborators, and we focus on building strong relationships with them based on a shared vision. Liza Schroeder, Pragma’s Brand and Communications Manager, recently spoke to Pragma’s Managing Director, Attie Nieuwoudt, about what goes into developing these solid partnerships, and how Pragma is redefining what […]

Maximising savings: Unleashing the power of engineering and asset management for optimal spare parts utilisation

Authors | Carina van der Merwe and Andre Jordaan “Optimise your spares”, they say, and to your credit, you immediately consider those spare parts that are just lying in the stores and have not moved for the last 5 to 10 years.  Good start, but what about the rest of your inventory?  What will the […]

Six reasons why organisations need Pragma’s Generator Asset Health Management service

Clients like Shell, PEP and Dipula Income Fund trust us to conduct online monitoring to manage the maintenance and refuelling of their generators. Here are some reasons why our generator online monitoring and management solution can better help you to ensure business continuity. 1. Equipment compatibility  Our gateway device is compatible with various generator controller brands and models, enabling […]

How to save money on generator costs with online monitoring and maintenance management

Power outages can wreak havoc on businesses, leading to financial losses, disrupted operations, and frustrated customers. Many organisations invest in generators as a backup power solution to mitigate these risks. Vodacom recently revealed that since 2020, more than R4 billion has been spent on backup power solutions such as batteries and generators, with a further […]

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