Unlock the potential of ISO 55000 to enhance your organisation’s asset management practices. This training provides practical skills to interpret and apply ISO 55001, enhancing your organisation’s asset management processes for optimal performance and outcomes.

About this course

In ‘An Introduction to ISO 55000,’ we embark on a dynamic journey through the evolution of ISO 55000 and its pivotal role in revolutionising asset management practices. Delegates will uncover the historical tapestry that shaped the standard and explore its profound significance and benefits in optimising their organisation’s asset management strategies.

Get ready to dive into the intricacies of ISO 55001 clauses, assessing the pulse of your own asset management system and discovering practical insights on implementation approaches that will empower your department or team.

This is a training experience that goes beyond the surface, leaving you equipped to begin navigating the world of ISO 55000 with confidence and insight. This training’s goal is to enable delegates to efficiently read, interpret, and apply the ISO 55001 standard in the context of their organisation’s asset management practices.

By the end of the training, learners will have gained the necessary skills to interpret relevant clauses and requirements within ISO 55001 and understand how leveraging this knowledge can enhance their asset management processes.

Participants will leave the training equipped with practical insights and actionable knowledge to effectively utilise ISO 55000, leading to improved asset management practices and better organisational outcomes.


At the end of this course learners will be able to:

Describe the historical context and development of ISO 55000

Describe the signiflcance and beneflts of ISO 55000 in asset management practices

Interpret ISO 55001 clauses and requirements

Describe the implementation approach for ISO 55001 in your department, team or process

Discuss whether your organisation’s asset management system (AMS) is well structured, real and effective to gather and maintain the data and information required for ISO 55001 alignment or compliance.

Describe how ISO 55001 influences your plans, AMS orprocess(es)

An Introduction to ISO 55000 - Content

Learning journey


Who should attend?

  • Asset owners and managers
  • Strategy manager
  • Sales manager
  • Production manager
  • Project manager
  • Maintenance manager
  • Finance manager
  • Risk manager
  • Information manager
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Quality controller
  • Internal auditors
  • Everybody who is interested in the ISO 55001 requirements for whatever reason

Format and duration

  • 16 notional hours blended learning course, which is delivered as follows:
    • a first live engagement session,
    • followed by self-directed elearning,
    • followed by a second live engagement session
    • and concluding with a quiz and reflective assessment
  • Both public classroom and virtual classroom training available for the live engagement sessions.

NOTE: In order to complete this training, learners need access to a copy of the ISO 55001:2014 standard. Please visit the SABS site to purchase your copy: https://store.sabs.co.za/sans-55001-2015-ed-1-00-2131910.html


  • Learners completing this training can obtain SAAMA CPD points.