Contractor Management

What is it all about?

The Contractor Management course provides learners with a better understanding of the theory behind contractor management and gives learners practical knowledge and tools.

The two-day course covers the essential skills required to successfully engage and manage contractors through understanding basic law and contractor management practices.
The course is designed for people currently involved in contractor management and for those who are interested in the field.
Whether you are managing complex and multiple contractors or just want to improve your day-to-day dealings with contractors, this course will enhance your current skills set.
The course is aimed at:

  • people responsible for contract admin
  • buyers responsible for contract strategy
  • managers who do day-to-day supervision
  • engineering managers and other role players involved in the contract management process.

This training course is aligned with the GFMAM’s 39 Subjects with a specific focus on the following subjects: resourcing strategy, procurement and supply change management.

Who should attend?

  • Contract managers
  • Project managers
  • Engineering managers
  • Financial controllers
  • Buyers
  • Procurement managers
  • Outage managers

What makes it different?

This course is based on proven methodologies and application within the industry ensuring a practical approach to contractor management that provides learners with:

  • an understanding of contracting policies and options available to apply them to different categories
  • the ability to select contractors and manage them throughout the partnership
  • the knowledge to understand and apply basic contracting law and set up contracts
  • a structured approach to set up and manage contractors through SLAs and KPI scorecards
  • the skills for proper administration of contracts by the relevant role players in the organisation.

Course outline and expected outcomes

Take-home tools

  • Knowledge to review and implement relevant contractor agreements.
  • Ability to set up a suitable performance management system for contractors.
  • Skills to set up and maintain effective partnerships with contractors.


  • Public training – scheduled at all major cities across Southern Africa
  • On-site training

Introduction to contractor management

This module covers the relevance and value of contractor management within the wider asset management environment. Gain insight into:

  • the definition of contract management
  • understanding what outsourcing is
  • different contracting types.

Relationship management

This module covers the factors required to properly manage contractors whilst ensuring the correct level of successful
partnership is created and maintained.

  • Managing contractors
  • Contract driven versus relationship driven
  • The role of relationship management
  • Success factors for partnerships
  • Outcomes of relationship management

Contracting policy and the outsourcing decision

This module covers various consideration factors when selecting appropriate contracting models and
measuring contractor performance.

  • ISO 55000: Clause 8 – Operations
  • Main components of a contractor management policy
  • Outsourcing considerations, decisions and categories
  • Types of contracting
  • Agency theory, cost and considerations.

Contractor performance management

This modules shows learners how to differentiate between a SLA and KPI scorecard whilst also covering the content and considerations for a proper SLA and KPI scorecard.

  • What is a KPI scorecard?
  • Performance and quality
  • KPIs and actual performance
  • What is a SLA?
  • How to develop a successful SLA
  • Quality management systems

Contractor selection

This module looks at contractor selection policies, when to apply them and which contractor to apply them to. It also touches on contractor development.

  • ISO 55000: Clause 7 – Support
  • Contracting categories and typical selection criteria
  • Evaluation matrix (Pugh matrix)
  • Contractor development.

Contractor administration

This module covers the typical administration functions required to manage contractors, the various contractual roles and who should perform these roles.

  • Contract administrator roles
  • Governance roles
  • Work management roles
  • Financial administrative roles
  • Contractual administrative roles
  • HSSE roles

Contract basics

This module gives learners insight into legal aspects of contracting and the various agreement contracts available.

  • What makes a valid contract?
  • Contractual consensus and capacity