About this course

Artisans and technicians are often the ones who experience the scene of a breakdown. They are present during the critical “golden hour” when crucial information about the failure can be easily gathered. The aim of this practical course is to equip them to do this successfully by teaching them what information to gather and how to document it.

This course requires a level of customisation to align the content with the organisation’s problem-solving processes and templates. This customisation will be integrated into the content and assessments to ensure a relevant learning experience that can be easily transferred and sustained in the working environment.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course learners will be able to:

Describe the problem solving process at your organisation.

Explain the role of the artisans and technicians in your organisation’s problem solving process.

Explain the purpose of the problem solving level 1 template.

Collect and secure evidence regarding an equipment failure.

Do a simple root cause analysis after an equipment failure.

Complete the problem solving level 1 template correctly and accurately.