Root Cause Analysis

What is it all about?

Problems are part of life. Unforeseen things happen and suddenly you need to make a plan.

Work through an ongoing scenario and learn how to find the root cause of a problem to prevent it from happening again.

Who should attend?

  • Project sponsors
  • Asset and maintenance managers
  • Project engineers
  • Production and operations managers
  • Maintenance and production engineers
  • Cross-functional teams involved in improvement projects


This blended course will consist of various components which include:

  • elearning modules completed online
  • various formative quizzes completed online
  • four virtual contact sessions
  • each contact session takes four hours to complete
  • a written summative assessment  workplace assignment

Notional hours: 24
(elearning, virtual contact sessions, workplace assignment)

Course outline and expected outcomes

Strange things happen

  • Define a problem
  • Identify a problem
  • Identify what you need to do when you notice a problem

Ask the right questions

  • List the problem-solving steps
  • Explain why a problem statement is important


  • Describe the process of creating a problem statement
  • Explain why a problem statement is important
  • Explain the 5W1H technique


  • List the activities to execute to learn more about a problem.


  • Explain the 5why technique
  • Explain the cause and effect technique

Improve and Control

  • Explain the improve and control process.