SAP® PM Overview

What is it all about?

The SAP® PM Overview course gives an insight into the various activities of plant maintenance by looking holistically at an organisation. The delegate will see how SAP® PM links to other Enterprise areas such as asset and financial accounting. The course will then focus on the “Work Management process” and introduce and explain the various technical objects and their roles within the entire PM process.

Who should attend?

  • Maintenance and Production staff

What makes it different?

  • This training course delivers an in-depth introduction to SAP® Plant Maintenance by delving in to great detail and is carefully designed to illustrate the high-level business process as well as each individual element within the SAP® PM module.

Course outline and expected outcomes

The Work Management Process

An overview of the high-level business process touching on each action in the process


Understanding the function of a Notification

  • What is a Notification?
  • What info is captured on a Notification?
  • Creating a Notification
  • Notification Types

Work Orders

Understanding the function of a Work Order

  • What is a Work Order?
  • What is the purpose of a Work Order?
  • Who creates a Work Order?
  • What info is captured on a Work Order?
  • Creating a Work Order 
  • Work Order Types


Understanding Materials and how they are used

  • Inventory
  • Stock Materials
  • Non-stock Materials
  • Materials on a Work Order


Time Processing

Understanding time confirmations

  • Time Entry


Understanding the Technical Object, Equipment

  • Equipment in SAP® PM

Functional Locations

Understanding the Technical Object, Functional Location

  • Functional Location in SAP® PM


Understanding functionality of the standard SAP® PM reports

  • Overview of most common PM reports