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Principles of Transformer Oil Management

This four day course covers theoretical solutions for the analysis and management of transformer insulating oils

Who should attend?

Maintenance technicians and engineers

  • Operating personnel who have the delegated authority to return transformers to service
  • Personnel who are involved in condition monitoring and maintenance managers

Course prerequisites

  • Post matriculation technical electrical qualifications or an understanding of the operation and construction of a transformer
  • An operational knowledge of MS Excel (the interpretation of oil results involves calculations performed in MS Excel)
  • Each delegate must bring their own laptop with MS Excel installed

Course outline and expected outcomes

Overview – Principles of Transformer Oil Management

Topic covered during the four-day period:

  • Insulating fluids
  • Insulating fluids
  • Specifications
  • Researching the market
  • Oil classes
  • Transformer design and materials
  • Dual operational transformer triangles
  • Transformer life management
  • Oil sampling methodology
  • Transformer risk profiles
  • Laboratory process
  • Gas in oil interpretation
  • Breakdown of oil molecules


  • Four days: 8:00 – 17:00
  • Breaks for tea and lunch

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