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Our cultureOur culture

Our culture is the way we live our shared values, beliefs and principles. It’s our code, our core logic and the software of our minds that drives our collective behaviour. Culture isn’t simply the legacy we leave to the next generation in the form of the lessons we pass on; it’s also what we do when we think that no one else is looking. It’s how we think, act and interact.

Our transformationOur transformation

Our transformation efforts address each of the five pillars of BBBEE: ownership, management control, skills development, enterprise and supplier development (ESD) and socio-economic development.

Our stunning transformation achievement has been accomplished by appointing champions to drive each area of the BBBEE scorecard and ensure that BBBEE plans are embraced and actioned throughout the organisation. Diversity issues are referred to the Consultative Forum, a group of representatives from all areas of the organisation.



We see SED and CSI projects as employee engagement drivers, and we only support projects in which our employees are involved. As a group, we are passionate about the opportunities that engineering can unlock and hope to impact youth development by concentrating on improving mathematics and science skills.

Examples include tutoring at schools, participation in school career days, small business training, school feeding schemes and educational support.

Annually, we donate 1% of profits to such projects. As voted for by Pragma’s employees, a representative group meets quarterly to evaluate proposals and allocate these funds to the most appropriate causes in line with our values.


Disability and diversityDisability and diversity

Pragma is an equal opportunity employer. We have implemented a special focus on increasing the number of people living with disabilities working for us.

Organisational diversity is overseen by our Consultative Forum. This forum meets quarterly to discuss matters relating to transformation, Employment Equity, Skills Development, BBBEE, Legislative Compliance and Policy and Procedure.


Skills developmentSkills development

We are committed to providing passionate young talent the opportunity to develop their skills further and gain industry knowledge to become worthy contributors to the global economy.

Due to the requirements for learnerships, we currently do not qualify to offer any. Job shadowing in Pragma is limited to a meeting with a person in the sought-after career where the scope and opportunities in that career are discussed. We do not offer bursaries.

We offer workplace-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities to the University of Technology students. These are mainly in engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical and industrial) but also include other fields such as finance, marketing, HR and ICT. This enables students to satisfy course requirements for practical experience while helping Pragma connect with the future stars of the engineering industry.

Internships are advertised on our recruitment portal, so students interested in such internships must register on the portal to receive notifications of available positions.


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Our Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) extends far beyond our premises. We’ve encouraged employees to live with awareness, caution and care even when they’re not at work, and to urge their families to do the same. The result? Safer communities for all.

We know the value of physical assets – after all, that’s our business. Even so, we understand that this cannot compare to the value of our people. This is why HSSE is our priority and why we developed Goal Zero, an HSSE strategy underpinned by the following pillars:

  • Zero harm to people and the environment
  • A strong safety culture
  • Mitigating critical HSSE risks.

Thanks to the support and input of our executive management team, and their creation of an annual safety week, HSSE is recognised as a priority throughout the organisation.