While we support traditional corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives, our focus has shifted to socio-economic development (SED) to assist non-profit organisations in a more sustainable manner.
We are committed to improving our youth’s access to the economy. As a group, we are passionate about the opportunities that engineering can unlock and hope to make an impact on youth development by concentrating on the improvement of mathematical and science skills.
We see SED and CSI projects as an employee engagement driver. As a result, we actively support projects in which our employees are involved. Examples include tutoring at schools, participation in school career days, small business training, school feeding schemes and educational support.
Annually, we donate 1% of profits to such projects. A representative group, as voted for by Pragma’s employees, meets quarterly to evaluate proposals and to allocate these funds to the most appropriate causes, in line with our values.


Our SED and CSI initiatives