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Do you know that the On Key extensions dashboard gives you direct performance information anywhere anytime

Make sure that you don’t miss out on product news about the new
additions to On Key by attending the annual Pragma Client Days. The
Pragma team will visit the major regions in October, starting in
Johannesburg on the 25th, moving onto Durban on the 26th, visiting Port
Elizabeth on the 27th and meeting with clients in Cape Town on the 28th.

To ensure that we cover all the relevant topics that you might have
questions about, or give attention to suggestions on enhancements that
you would like to see included in our service offerings, you are welcome
to send any questions and suggestions to the Pragma Africa CRM Manager,
Helgard Pienaar. His email address is Helgard.Pienaar@pragmaworld.net.
More details on the agenda will be communicated to you in due course. 

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