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East rand plastics wrapping their equipment with the asset care service

East Rand Plastics (ERP) is part of the Astra Pak group of companies.
The company is widely acknowledged as the market leader in the
manufacture of high density polyethylene film for a range of
applications, including bags for bakery, retail, industrial and refuse
purposes. Much of ERP’s success is attributable to an ongoing investment
in technology and sophisticated equipment. This has led to the addition
of specialist products to ERP’s range over the years, such as
bread-wrapping bags, and the evolution of high-technology film
applications using ERP’s co-extruded and printed films.

Currently ERP has no formal maintenance system in place to support their
maintenance operations. Sister companyies Cinqplast Wadeville and
Cinqplast Plastop recommended Pragma’s ACC service as a solution to
their maintenance requirements. ERP found the solution attractive and
contracted Pragma to start their service in March.

Enquiries can be directed to Johan Alberts on +27 11 848 6940.

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