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Engens assets are accounted for

Pragma was awarded new orders to Identify and Verify Engen’s assets at
their Durban-based LOBP (Lubrication Plant), ZBP (Blending Plant) and
IVD (Chemical Plant). On completion of the project, Engen will have an
accurate Asset Register that is linked to SAP’s AM and PM modules. These
new orders, still in scope against the Asset Identification and
Verification project, come after successfully completing 300 Commercial
sites, 950 Retail sites, 3 Distribution Centres and 14 Engen Depots.

Over the past three years Pragma has distinguished itself as a
specialist in the field of Asset Identification and Verification.
Pragma’s AIV Business Process is used for these projects and On Key’s
Asset Register Administration and Asset Identification and Verification
Modules are the software used in support of the Business Processes.
Thanks to On Key’s seamless interfacing with the major ERP packages or
alternatively batch interfacing with other packages, projects can be
delivered on clients’ ERP package of choice. Each industry has very
specific requirements and Pragma has diversified its AIV service
offering to accommodate these needs.

In the Petroleum and Gas Industry special safety precautions are
imperative and only specialised, intrinsically safe PDAs are used to
work in these volatile conditions. Pragma’s AIV staff component is well
trained and experienced to ensure that these cumbersome projects run
swiftly and cost-effectively. 

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