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Full scale development and enbablement department leads Pragma into 3rd decade

Pragma’s Asset Care Centre service concept, which supports business
processes and developments in On Key, has grown so much in the past 18
months that some structural changes had to be put in place to facilitate
the future interactive development of these two business areas.

Furthermore, the success of the Partnership Business Model and recent
developments in enabling and supporting partners has necessitated the
formalisation of a Cyber Centre.

ACC Development Department

Arnold Botha, currently leading the way with the documentation of the
business processes, has been assigned to head up the ACC Development
Department. This will consist of the Software Development Gigs under the
auspices of Hendrik Theron, and the IP Developers under the leadership
of Wyhan Jooste.

The Cyber Centre

We now boast a brand new Cyber Centre, making inroads with its new and
improved service offering. Ignatius van Zyl has been appointed to take
the former Help Desk through its metamorphosis to become the Cyber Hub
of our partners and clients. At the Cyber Hub a partner will receive
support for the utilisation of the Business Process and On Key (with the
familiar voices of Nicolaas and Marieta) and all the partners will be
enabled through e-training presented by Nelson Broden.

Aligning Product Strategy

On Key as a pure Enterprise Asset Management System used to stand on its
own. The focus now changes to developing On Key functionalities in
support of the ACC service, its Business Process and Best Practices to
form the tool foundation of a comprehensive asset management package.

The total service offering is thus aimed at aspects that can add
additional value for a client, such as much easier administration and
improving access to real-time information. This leaves minimal room for
error on the side of an inexperienced asset management practitioner and
maximum benefit for an asset manager looking to optimise asset

Expanding market scope to OEMs and LAOs

With the evolving product strategy, we can also now better accommodate
market players such as Original Equipment Manufacturers and Large Asset
Owners. These entities can be licensed to represent the ACC service
within their organisations. This means that certain minimum requirements
will be set in place for them to gain access to business processes and
the accompanying functional modules of On Key to support these business
processes. The in-house team will be enabled to execute these business
processes optimally.

Pragma Products is geared towards improving the Asset Care Centre service to the benefit of all partners’ clients.


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