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Gordian, Pragma’s strategic partner, supports clients to optimise their Spare Parts Inventories

Physical assets should not be down due to a lack of spare parts. But how do you ensure that your organisation keeps the stock within reasonable bandwidths?

Gordian’s Spare Parts Optimisation training is all about gaining control and striking a perfect balance between spare parts availability, working capital, and operational costs.

‘The Spare Parts Optimisation training course was an eye-opener for me. Gordian taught me how to optimise spare parts parameters through the use of smart classification techniques. This training exposed me to both the theory and some pragmatic techniques that can be used within my workplace. I would recommend this training for any supervisory or managerial role responsible for spare part management, e.g. Maintenance Planners, MRP/Inventory Controllers/Procurement Specialists and others’
– Willem Tietz, Maintenance Planner, RCL Foods

Gordian’s Spare Parts Optimisation training was developed for procurement officers, stores managers, tactical planners, inventory controllers and logistical engineers and has been facilitated onsite at clients as well as in the Pragma Academy over the past few years. The training is interactive and enables the participants not only to grasp the theory but also to apply these methods in their own environment.

Understanding the context is key for optimisation and it all begins with a better understanding of the spares environment. Optimisation in itself starts with effective classification and in applying differentiated strategies. For example, cheap fast movers can by managed by exception using statistical models and outlier rules, as opposed to expensive slow movers where statistics do not apply, but rather other information such as criticality must be used to arrive at proper stocking decisions.

To give substance to the strategies, one needs to determine stocking parameters. The Gordian Spare Parts Optimisation training teaches learners the basics of statistics and forecasting to determine the parameters and enables them to practice the learned techniques by making use of the Spare Parts Management Studio, an intuitive optimisation tool which has already proved invaluable at numerous clients.

Gordian runs courses on operational and strategic levels. Public courses run twice a year in Midrand. For further information, download the brochure, or contact Tycho Lejeune at Pragma.

Pragma works in partnership with Gordian, a Dutch-rooted company focused on spare parts management. Pragma and Gordian believe that combining their expertise creates synergy and results in an outstanding offering to clients both in South Africa and abroad.

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