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Henk Wynjeterp Appointed Managing Director of Pragma Netherlands

As of October 1, 2021, Henk Wynjeterp has been appointed director of Pragma Netherlands. He succeeds Luc de Laat, who stayed as CMS Asset Management’s director after Pragma acquired it in 2018. The integration of the two companies has been ongoing for the past two years, laying a solid foundation for Pragma’s European growth aspirations.

In addition to Henk Wynjeterp, the Pragma management team in the Netherlands now consists of Richard Bruins (Business Development Manager) and Richard Gevers (Information Management Team Leader). Luc de Laat will maintain contact with existing and new customers in the Netherlands and Belgium in the coming period.

Pragma is an international player in the asset management consultancy and training fields. The company excels in taking over maintenance engineering activities, offers Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) based products and services and Asset Health Management. These innovative services are now also available to Pragma’s clients in Europe.

A comprehensive set of AM services in the Netherlands

“Pragma Netherlands is known for its asset management advisory services, implementing ISO 55000 and configuring and managing maintenance management systems. We will continue to deliver these services to our public sector, industry and manufacturing clients. In the field of innovation, we benefit from Pragma’s clout. The next-generation maintenance management system, On Key Plus, is currently being rolled out, and our integrated IIoT platform is being further developed. All possible software systems, such as a maintenance management system, GIS and ERP systems and sensors, can be connected to the platform so that users can access valuable management information on one platform using business intelligence,” says Henk.

Taking care of clients

“Pragma is committed to completely unburdening customers. With our Asset Health Management offering, we give clients the option of enlisting a 24/7 monitoring service focused only on their most critical assets. These could include physical assets like emergency generators, transformers and switchgear. As part of the offering, we ensure the optimal management and maintenance of these assets, and should a potential problem be identified; a suitable solution is immediately available. In our Asset Care Center, we manage the assets of various customers who have outsourced their maintenance engineering activities to us so that they save money, increase uptime and focus on their core business,” Henk continues.

Pragma Group of Companies

Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, Pragma is an international engineering firm with 450 employees specialising in maintenance and asset management. “In addition to the role of consulting and training, Pragma also provides strategic and tactical maintenance. We support this with innovative IT solutions. Over the past two years, we have been successful in creating a basis with Pragma Netherlands to expand our services deeper into the European market,” says Pragma CEO and founder Adriaan Scheeres.

About Pragma Netherlands

Pragma Nederland is an innovative consultancy in maintenance and asset management. With 25 years of experience, Pragma helps industry, water boards, provinces and municipalities in the Netherlands with the integrated management of their physical assets. This enables these organisations to optimally and transparently manage their physical assets’ performance, risks and costs to remain available, reliable, and affordable. Pragma Nederland’s office is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

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