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Hot off the press On Key and business processes enhancements

We have yet again reached another milestone with the March scheduled release of our Business Processes and On Key modules.

A great new feature on the Business Process side is the inclusion of the Mining Performance Measures best practice. This resorts under the Focussed Improvement business process and boils down to OEE calculations for mines. We have also improved the AMIP business process which now includes an equipment condition assessment and loss and waste analysis.

There were a number of enhancements to On Key that can greatly benefit your operation.

  • Planning and Scheduling: Planning and Scheduling functionality has been added to On Key. This functionality supports the Pragma Planning and Scheduling business processes and best practices.
  • Geo Locations Fields: Geo Locations Fields have been added to the Asset screen. Users can now pinpoint an Asset’s location on a map and then save the coordinates as part of the Asset information.
  • Import Work Tasks and Work Task Spares: The import functionality has been extended and users can now import Work Order Tasks and Work Order Task Spares.
  • Data capturing improvements: Additional improvements have been made to the Work Order environment within On Key. Many operations, involved in the capturing of data on a Work Order, can now be performed quicker and more efficiently.

On Key Express:

  • Asset Attribute Values: The Asset Attribute view functionality within On Key Express has been extended. The user can now update existing Asset Attribute values within On Key Express in online and offline mode.
  • Task screen configuration: The On Key Express Task 2 and Labour screens can now be customised to fit the needs of the client. A new Task Designer has been added to the Main Menu by which the user can decide which fields and tabs he/she wants to display within the Task 2 and Labour screens.
  • Translations: Users can now add screen translations for a language directly from the On Key Express user interface. Previously this functionality was available only from the On Key user interface.

Speak to your Pragma engineer or consultant to find out more about these exciting features.

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