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Functional equipment is at the heart of effective and sustainable service delivery

A country’s economic and social development policy largely depends on its effectiveness in delivering infrastructure and basic services such as electricity, water, sanitation, education, transport and healthcare.

All these services are dependent on functional equipment and facilities. While selecting and acquiring these assets and facilities account for a significant part of their overall cost, it is often the operation and maintenance costs – which contribute to more than 80% of the total life cycle cost – that are overlooked. Realising the intended value takes a balancing act of asset performance, cost, and risk. Pragma understands this and has developed a functionally rich water, electricity, and infrastructure solutions portfolio.

Keep infrastructure equipment reliable with condition monitoring

A broad spectrum of asset management solutions

We partner with all spheres of government, agencies and state-owned companies to deliver world-class asset management solutions at strategic, tactical and operational levels. Our solutions range from developing an infrastructure asset management policy, strategy and planning to scheduling daily maintenance tasks. Empowering our clients’ teams through informal and formal interventions is integral to our service delivery, and to this end, we offer formal accredited training through the Pragma Academy.

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A custom roadmap to improve your asset management maturity

We regard asset management as a journey. Our unique and flexible approach enables us to customise the journey into a road map using an Asset Management Improvement Planning (AMIP) framework. Our solutions align with local and international standards such as ISO 55 000 and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), ensuring asset owners’ compliance and peace of mind.

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An experienced team at your service

Our expertise in asset management has been honed through years of experience in asset-intensive sectors such as mining and petrochemicals. Our ability to translate infrastructure asset management solutions into improved service delivery is unmatched. Our multi-disciplinary teams pride themselves on delivering measurable improvements through a set of processes, tools and technology, empowering clients to have the status of their asset performance at their fingertips.

The Pragma Academy presents a range of valuable asset management courses to enable managers, planners and schedulers to plan and do their work efficiently.

Pragma asset management service

Enabling and streamlining processes with technology

We combine our multi-disciplinary engineering expertise with software expertise to translate clients’ needs into sustainable asset management solutions, enabling clients to be future-ready.

On Key, our best-of-breed EAM system facilitates the maintenance of infrastructure assets over full life cycles and can be integrated with many financial systems. Our asset care experts are also proficient in configuring, implementing and optimising other EAM systems such as SAP PM, Pronto, Infor and Maximo.

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Applying ISO 55000 aligned processes and best practices

Our solid IP foundation has been developed over more than three decades and is augmented by the experience our engineers have gained at metropolitan, district and local levels. This ensures that we are well placed to design custom processes and implement methodologies to drive efficient service delivery. The IP foundation for infrastructure asset management includes:

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Projects and success stories

Insurance management tool for a fleet
Our client required an insurance management tool to manage and report on insurance claims and information efficiently. It also had to reduce the overall time it took to submit claims.
Improving proactive maintenance
The number of processed proactive work orders increased by 103% YTD benchmarked to the previous financial year. The fleet schedule compliance improved by 17%from 82% -99%. Automated maintenance plans were configured for 211 vehicles. A planning section was established to manage Work Planning and Control activities.
Improving sub-station maintenance
The ACC provided a platform for the staff at ESS to be able to easily detect priority work, work that was falling behind and the status of any job at any time.

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