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End-to-end enterprise asset management solutions for the oil and gas industry

Reducing downtime for fuel pumps, HVAC systems, and refrigeration equipment brings operational efficiency, cost savings, increased revenue, and customer satisfaction. It reduces contractor HSSE exposure, lowers energy consumption, and enables effective financial planning.

Centralised contractor management and remote monitoring through Pragma’s solutions save time, simplify processes, and ensure proactive risk prevention. These outcomes align with Pragma’s asset management approach, addressing complexities and compliance requirements in the fuel retail environment.

Pragma helps standardise compliance, optimise asset performance, and drive operational excellence across diverse and distributed sites.

Enterprise Asset Management in the Fuels Retail Industry

What we do for fuel retail outlets

We offer an end-to-end maintenance management solution that starts with developing and implementing an asset management roadmap. The road map is based on a well-defined strategy that caters to your needs. This strategy is executed through our partnership model and delivers these services:

  • the planning, scheduling, execution and reporting on day-to-day maintenance activities through a facilities management call centre;
  • critical equipment inspections;
  • stringent compliance to local regulatory requirements such as OSHAct, Construction Regulations and more;
  • focused improvement projects aimed at improving efficiencies;
  • Permit to Work (PtW) and HSSE Passport training and annual accreditation for contractors to improve process assurance;
  • capital enhancement, refurbishment and replacement projects, such as the design and installation of fueling systems (tanks and pumps); and
  • longer-term strategic planning to ensure business sustainability.

Learn more about our asset management service

What we do for depots and refineries

Our solutions for depots and refineries include the following:

  • maintenance readiness projects where we get involved in an early stage when you design and develop a new plant or refurbish an old plant;
  • asset and system audits that include inspection check sheets for pre-startup and ongoing (quarterly) after a shutdown;
  • the development of tactical asset care plans that focus on the unique requirements of your asset types and their criticality;
  • spares optimization, where we help your procurement team to right-size the number of spares carried based on usage and criticality;
  • asset health and performance management services, where we set up an online monitoring and response service on critical assets, including specific condition monitoring interventions; and
  • facilities management, where we ensure that your buildings and office environments are neatly maintained, cleaned and a pleasant space for your employees to work in.

Case study on equipment maintenance strategies

Planning, scheduling, execution and reporting on day-to-day maintenance activities

Pragma can operate a 24-hour client contact centre for all your network maintenance query logging. Your retail outlet teams can log maintenance requests online or via voice calls.

We use our Enterprise Asset Management system, On Key™, to manage your asset registry accurately and perform comprehensive work management and spare parts planning. We can integrate On Key with your EAMs or CMMS.

Read a case study about the FMC

Focused improvement projects aimed at improving efficiencies

To ensure that our clients can attest to the continued value of our service, we partner with them on a continuous improvement journey to identify and create opportunities for improving operational efficiencies and supporting business sustainability.

We agree on time-based value improvement roadmaps with associated value improvement projects and focus on delivering these value improvement goals.

Case study on focused improvement dashboard

Enterprise asset management systems and tools

Pragma has developed a range of enterprise asset management technologies and applications to support asset and facilities’ maintenance management processes. Apart from normal work management capabilities, powerful business intelligence dashboards and IIoT enablement, we also offer mobile applications that are specifically designed to streamline work processes and manage contractors in the oil and gas industry.

These applications include:

  • On Key Work Manager app
  • On Key Field Engineer app
  • On Key HSSE app for logging leading indicators, HSSE incidents and near misses

Visit On Key for more information

Refurbishment and replacement projects, such as the design and installation of fueling systems

We deliver greenfield and brownfield service station developments through strategic partnerships with EPCM companies. This enables us to manage the full development cycle of your network from front-end engineering development to operations maintenance to decommissioning. We will help you to optimise the total cost of ownership of your assets to enhance the return on average capital employed.

Advisory services in support of refurbishment and replacement projects

Long-term strategic partnership

Sustainable asset management results require a well-defined strategy, a committed team, and effective processes and technologies. We align with your strategy through long-term partnerships, working closely with your in-house team to execute daily activities and long-term projects. Our focus is on delivering your asset management goals while you concentrate on core business operations. We ensure contractors understand your strategy through comprehensive management of selection, contracting, accreditation, work management, and performance reviews. Our partnerships thrive on trust, collaboration, clear plans, teamwork, and shared successes for mutual benefit.

Download our Fuels Retail Industry Profile for a holistic overview of our offering, or read here about our award winning partnership with a leading fuels retailer in Africa.

The connected forecourt

We can help you prepare for the connected forecourt of the future by ensuring that all equipment functions optimally whilst also guaranteeing that other facilities – from bathrooms to retail offerings – uphold your reputation amongst clients. To mitigate risks and prevent downtime, we will help you identify your critical asset types and enable them with sensors to warn you of potential failure. Read here to learn more about our IoT-enabled solutions for fuel retail.

Digital future readiness in the SA context

Proof of concept for LOPC

Permit to Work (PtW), HSSE Passport training and annual accreditation for contractors to improve process assurance

We recognise the significance of competence in terms of safety, cost savings, and operational efficiency. Through the Pragma Academy, we provide comprehensive training programs to enhance the asset and facilities management skills of asset managers and artisans. Specifically designed for the fuel retail industry, our courses ensure contractors are well-versed in the rigorous HSSE requirements of the oil and gas sector. Training options include classroom, blended learning, and virtual instructor-led sessions to accommodate different learning preferences and maintain accreditation.

Permit to Work training



Compliance with local regulatory requirements such as OHS Act and construction regulations

Oil and gas companies in South Africa must adhere to strict regulatory requirements, including price regulation and environmental protection. Pragma assists clients in ensuring compliance with acts and regulations such as the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) for environmental protection, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) for construction-related activities, and the Legal Metrology Act for legal administration. By managing contractors and ensuring adherence to these regulations, Pragma supports clients in maintaining compliance and operational integrity.

Contractor management accreditation process

Projects and success stories

Supplier savings as part of procurement
The renegotiation of prices is an important part of Pragma's supply chain responsibilities on the Shell contract. A result of our longstanding partnership is a clear understanding of Shells procurement preferences which has secured competitive pricing, savings on refurbishments rather than replacements, and the standardisation of equipment.
Improved data velocity with the Work Manager application
The Work Manager app has significantly increased data quality, and velocity as data is entered in real-time once work is completed. All relevant documentation, including site permits and photos, are attached to the work orders, ensuring a much faster turnaround on the full completion of work orders.
Centralised Facilities Management Centre for Shell Retail
Pragma and Shell's longstanding asset management partnership has resulted in 80% downtime reduction on fuel pumps from 2012 to 2016.

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