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Engineering smart solutions for facilities management

Commercial property owners still battle post-pandemic effects on investments. Despite hybrid work arrangements, maintenance and cleaning services remain crucial, and a smart approach to facility management is essential. Fierce competition and pressure for fast-paced service delivery add stress to the retail sector. Constant ‘fire-fighting’ because of unexpected equipment breakdowns, power failures, and staff availability leaves retailers needing to pay attention to their core function – customer satisfaction.

We can help facility owners and retailers by increasing efficiency through a digitalisation plan where all your processes are digitalised, and systems are used to manage, measure and control your processes and resources. We incorporate IoT technologies, condition monitoring and mobile applications that increase your maintenance team’s overall effectiveness and improve your asset base’s availability. Managers get access to real-time information to track the time and exact cost spent on maintenance activities. Using our centralised facility management centre, all work is channelled to accredited contractors that comply with relevant HSSE requirements and are managed against strict service and cost agreements. Using the shared resources saves you money and time as your admin load is significantly reduced.

On Key Work Management dashboard

Facility and asset management strategy


Asset Management Improvement Planning Framework

Pragma helps you establish a clear facility and asset management strategy to support your business, making it possible to view progress against a high-level plan. Your maturity levels are measured against industry key performance areas and best practices. The facility management assessment results highlight the gaps or improvement areas that must be addressed. A target maturity or ideal state is defined, and a maturity road map is developed to sustainably manage and track your progress.

Your facility and asset management strategy will not only steer your plans and budget, but will help you to justify investments in improvements that support your organisation’s core business objectives.

Download our FMIP brochure

Download our FM brochure

Our clients' successes are our successes

Our client case studies clearly show the value delivered through:

  • our partnership and the joint effort with our clients to digitalise and optimise the management of their resource,
  • improving building and equipment performance while saving on maintenance costs, and
  • containing risk.

We are proud to be associated with some of the commercial property owners and retailers in Africa where the shared successes of our partnerships have built trust, respect and a common goal to do even better.  Some of these include Pick and Pay, Massmart and Pepkor.

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Process-driven asset management for retail outlets

Pragma’s turnkey retail maintenance management solution includes best-practice workflows, an enterprise asset management system, and retail maintenance work management applications for optimal facility and equipment management. Sensor-connected assets can trigger alarms to alert maintenance staff of failures, reducing reliance on staff reporting. Users can easily log maintenance requests for specific assets, generating work orders for corrective action. Asset criticality determines work urgency, prioritising refrigeration, HVAC, generators, and service contracts. However, addressing non-critical assets promptly is crucial to avoid costly consequences for your brand and maintenance budget.

Efficient workflow steps give management a more accurate view of the budget and costs.

On Key Service Request app

With the On Key Service Request app implemented, you will save countless hours as all maintenance requests will bypass you and head straight into your maintenance management workflow.

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On Key Field Engineering app

If you manage multiple retail outlets, the On Key Field Service app helps schedule and report on inspections and over-inspections performed by your field workers or engineers.

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Reliable equipment increases throughput in distribution centres

The core business focus of a distribution centre (DC) is on stock or goods’ movement and ensuring ideal storage conditions. Critical assets include generators, conveyors, and material-handling equipment. As the DC maintenance or operations manager, you want a clear understanding of your critical equipment’s availability and reliability to ensure the smooth running of the daily operations. With Pragma’s best practices, system and applications implemented, you will have access to a dashboard with structured information about your equipment’s reliability, giving you much-needed time and control over the planning and management of your operations.

On Key Asset Reliability dashboard

The dashboard also provides an organised view of service level agreements, statutory compliance, standard operating procedures, and accreditation and certifications.

Our approach to reliability engineering

Using smart technologies to drive intelligent property management

Managing a property involves balancing occupant satisfaction and budget constraints. Regardless of the facility type (office block, training facility, recreational center, or hospital), successful management is reflected in occupants’ safety, comfort, and functional utilities. Integrating IoT technologies into facilities management processes enhances service delivery. Understanding smart technologies and machine learning opportunities is crucial for a digitisation strategy. Pragma offers diverse solutions, from improving document management systems for accurate contract tracking to managing CO2 levels in boardrooms. They also monitor different aspects of generators to ensure uninterrupted power during load shedding.

Connecting utilities with IIoT sensors and On Key EAMS

This is how we use IoT to track water and electricity usage in real-time to verify that the municipal tariffs are correctly calculated.

Asset health management for generators

Simplifying contractor management

On Key Contractor Portal app

Our digitalised processes streamline contractor management, including work allocation, cost tracking, and performance evaluation against service-level agreements. Contractors use the central portal to manage their work, reducing administrative tasks. The system handles standard rates, travel distances and ensures appropriate charges for cost savings. We provide technical support and inspections for fair billing and work quality. Scorecards determine work allocation increases and highlight skills development needs.

Outsourcing contractor management to us allows you to access our national network at competitive rates with suitable agreements. We handle all work administration, relieving you from complexities.

Our partnership approach to contractor management

Contractor skills development

A well-trained and safety-conscious contractor base is invaluable and provides peace of mind.

Years of experience in contracting and contractor management have developed stringent best practices around the quality of work and mission-critical safety requirements. We passionately contribute to contractor skills development, and the Pragma Academy runs several safety-related training courses. These measures govern our work practices. So whenever a task is created in the enterprise asset management system, or a mini-risk assessment is performed to ensure that the contractor has valid ‘permits to work and is attached to the relevant work orders, it is done in compliance with safety guidelines.

Find out more about our public training courses

Statutory compliance and risk management in one location

We help you manage and reduce risk by formalising safety requirements using a system and a dashboard that shows your statutory compliance and schedule attainment, tracking work execution timeframes and service level agreements with contractors. You can use the HSSE app to help you identify the incidents that pose the greatest risk to your staff and operations.  So, staff and contractors no longer have to stand in queues to complete paper-based forms, and your HSSE manager gets an immediate alert if someone with a high-risk profile enters your facility. All your HSSE-related processes are simplified in one user-friendly mobile application.

On Key HSSE Logger app


A Pragma partnership is more than just an outsourced solution

We are structured to co-partner with you and agree on the mission-critical functions needed to secure sustainable facility and asset management.

Whether you have the internal capacity to perform these responsibilities or need a support service or even a fully outsourced solution, we are ready to scope your custom requirement with you.

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Projects and success stories

Making informed decisions, increasing efficiency and saving costs
Massmart is a South African based globally competitive regional management group, invested in a portfolio of differentiated, complementary, focused wholesale and retail formats. Massmart is the second largest distributor of consumer goods in Africa. They operate 420 stores in 13 countries in sub Saharan Africa through the Group’s two business units Massmart Wholesale and Massmart Retail.
SLA driven performance
Our client is a large supermarket retailer in Africa, operating over 2,500 outlets under 15 brands. To maintain infrastructure to provide this service requires a full-time physical asset management partner. Our client has partnered with us to render this service at more than 480 of their outlets throughout most of South Africa.
Increase in statutory SLA of tactical WOs
Since the implementation of the initiative, the statutory SLA for work orders completed increased from an average of 66% per month to an average of 94% per month.

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