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Kemetyl lines up its production plants for optimised performance

Knowing exactly what the performance status of a production line is in
real time is a huge competitive advantage, especially when you operate
over multiple borders. As part of Kemetyl’s Asset Management Strategy,
23 online and 17 offline Performance Manager lines are being implemented
at its four European production sites.

This is the result of an optimisation initiative that kicked off towards
the end of 2008 when Kemetyl approached Pragma to do a range of Asset
Management Improvement projects. An Asset Management Strategy was
formulated and several improvement initiatives were identified.

These included:

  • A senior Asset Management Manager was required and Mathias Johannson was appointed to the position.
  • Kemetyl’s available production capacity was found to be greater than
    their requirement and their full production was consolidated to their
    plants at Soest, Jördbro, Hälden and Öra. This brought about large cost
    savings to the company.
  • An Asset Identification and Verification project commenced and all
    production equipment was labelled and recorded on a central asset
  • A Pragma Asset Care Centre was established with Riaan Diener as the ACC Manager and Jeremy Baars as the AC Engineer.
  • After the successful implementation of a pilot OEE line in Jördbro,
    it was decided to roll out the OEE’s to all production plants.
  • The rollout of the 40 OEE lines commenced at the four plants with
    the necessary infrastructure and hardware being installed. The
    operators, engineers, artisans and supervisors involved will receive
    comprehensive training in the use of On Key and specifically the
    Performance Manager module. This will be followed up in March 2010 with
    extensive OEE training on fundamentals and principles.
  • A further AIV project will follow to include the non-production equipment, such as the blending plants, into the ACC service.

The primary optimisation objective will be concluded when all the asset
management processes are incorporated in the ACC for all the plants.
Thereafter, OEE and asset management information will be used in
decision making to further improve the performance of the production

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