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On Key Action | a RAD platform for asset management

On Key Action | a RAD platform for asset management

Pragma is continuously investing in R&D and technology to create the necessary capabilities to digitise asset management operations. In this case, Pragma R&D Managing Director Dirk Janse van Rensburg interviews Nic van Wyngaard, our On Key Action product owner, to elaborate on On Key Action, our new rapid application development (RAD) platform, and how clients can benefit from this new solution.

On Key is our best-of-breed EAM system that delivers asset management value at small and large enterprises across various industries. From time to time, On Key does not cater to a client’s specific requirements. To address these unique business needs, we’ve invested in On Key Action, a rapid application development platform that allows us to build bespoke mobile or web applications to fill these gaps.

Some examples:

  • Contractor Portal | Developed to assist contractors in uploading invoices and credit notes.
  • Asset Health Portal | Developed as a cloud portal where clients can access and view all their asset assessment documents and reports
  • Field Inspection Tool | Developed to assist field engineers to perform duties like asset identification and verification, and other forms of inspections.

All these examples are built as advanced modules in On Key 5, but can also be stand-alone modules that run on top of other enterprise asset management systems like SAP® PM.
One of the core value propositions for this solution is the speed to market. The methodology behind this software enables engineers to develop smart, efficient applications that are hosted in the cloud and make deployment easier. While a very structured process is followed, the agile approach allows us to deliver on the client’s need at a much faster rate. For instance, we could take a two-week sprint, establish a specific module for a client and present it with the touch of a button. They are then able to review and test it and provide feedback. That feedback is brought back into the development cycle, with the next app iteration incorporates said client feedback.

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