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National retailer upgrades to On Key 5

Recently, Pragma assisted one of South Africa’s biggest FMCG retailers to upgrade their Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Free State stores to On Key 5. On Key is an Asset Enterprise Management System (EAMS) that assists companies to optimally execute maintenance tactics in order to improve the performance of their physical assets.

Pragma’s Projects and Planning Manager, Albert Laubscher, spearheaded the project. “Upgrading to a new system can be daunting for anyone, but when such a process impacts a large group of people it is a whole new ball game. The conversion process required very careful planning that took several months, while we only had one night to deploy the system,” says Albert.

On Key 5 has improved interfacing capabilities that allows the company’s new refrigeration system to automatically log calls with Pragma for faults detected that requires the attention of a refrigeration technician.

Similar to internet banking, the architecture of On Key 5 is web based. Users only need a PC and a web browser like Internet Explorer (IE) to access the system, making it accessible to a broader range of users on a variety of handheld devices. This accessibility has a significant impact on data velocity, which translates into more up-to-date information and allows smoother integration between our clients and their maintenance related contractors. Overall, On Key 5 will have a significant impact on the overall efficiency of maintenance work.

“Mutual understanding, teamwork, training and practice runs played a critical role in the successful implementation of the new system. We had a backup plan just in case the implementation didn’t go according to plan, but luckily everything ran smoothly. We hit minor snags, but all were manageable,” says Albert.

During his time at Pragma, Business Area Manager Morne Steenkamp has experienced the impact of proper maintenance management first hand.

“An Asset Register is the back bone of a good maintenance and asset management programme and can assist companies in aligning its production capabilities with its strategic goals. Once you have a handle on your assets with a proper preventative maintenance programme in place, you know what your capacity is and can make provisions when you need additional capacity much faster,” says Morne.

On Key provides organisations with the software required to maintain an up-to-date asset register that records the condition of the asset and facilitates work management transactions.

“Apart from knowing what assets you have, where your assets are located and the condition thereof, a supreme asset register will contribute to the efficiency of your team, save you time, money and resources. Ultimately, it will allow you to keep the promises you make to your customers which will have a positive effect on your brand’s reputation,” explains Morne.

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