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Netcare determined to improve the vitality of their assets

Netcare has appointed Pragma Africa to assist them in the establishment of an Asset Management System.

This is the result of an optimisation initiative that kicked off towards
the end of 2008 when Kemetyl approached Pragma to do a range of Asset
Management Improvement projects. An Asset Management Strategy was
formulated and several improvement initiatives were identified.

The hospital group has embarked on the roll-out of the SAP Industry
Solution-Healthcare across their business. Pragma Africa will assist in
the implementation of the SAP Plant Maintenance module and will help the
SAP system implementation partner T Systems to deliver the Asset
Management System to the pilot hospital, Pretoria East. This will
involve formulating the asset register, maintenance policy and strategy,
maintenance tactics and an Asset Management Improvement Plan for the

Netcare has 53 world-class hospitals across South Africa,
Lesotho&Swaziland. Once the Asset Management system has been
established and the hospital staff trained, the solution will be rolled
out to all 53 hospitals.

Pretoria East will go live in April 2010. 

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