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New Pragma Facilities division launched

In October 2009 Pragma Africa established a new division called Facilities. The Petrochemical division was incorporated into this new division, but the scope was broadened to include many other kinds of privately owned (as distinguished from public) facilities.

The typical Pragma Facilities client has a large, geographically dispersed asset base. They are serious about maintaining their property in good working condition, but do not consider maintenance core to their business. The value of the assets at each site might also not warrant the appointment of a dedicated person, although as a whole the sites represent a very significant investment.

Typically fuel service stations, retailers, the hospitality industry, property companies and telecoms operators would find this service beneficial.

The value comes from Pragma’s proprietary physical asset management software and business processes, and also from the economies of scale that are generated through our centralised call centre and administration hub, a network of qualified Field Engineers that covers Southern Africa, and an extensive contractor network with whom we have negotiated clear service levels and preferential rates.

The Pragma Facilities ACC service will ensure that your facility is kept shipshape, and that you always have ready access to a reliable and up-to-date asset register. Valuable maintenance history information is also mined in support of continuous improvement, and prices are compared against a historical database to ensure that contractors don’t overcharge. HSE verification and accreditation of contractors is also managed through the Facilities ACC service.

What sets us apart from traditional Facilities Management companies is that we come from a multi-disciplinary engineering background. The core of our workforce is qualified engineers, and our engineering approach ensures that our services are backed by well-developed and tested business processes and software tools. This focus on a single, albeit crucial element of FM ensures that we deliver exceptional results.

Pragma runs a fully fledged Facilities Management Centre for Shell. View a case study and some client comments by following this link.

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