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On Key Analytics enabling clients to analyse asset information in a dynamic and flexible manner

On Key 5 is boasting with a brand new reporting module called Analytics. In future, clients will be able to analyse their asset information in a dynamic and flexible manner, through the web via their mobile devices.

Research has shown us that the On Key user base requires an online analysis platform that will allow them to do in depth analysis on asset management information. This will allow Pragma to deliver a top class BI platform for the asset management users at our clients, irrespective if the client has a corporate BI strategy in place.

The current platform delivers preformatted reports. This remains very important, but it has limitations when faced with the need to do analysis other than what the preformatted report was designed for. With Analytics, users will be exposed to a new world of analysis and business intelligence functionality. SSRS reports will remain the preferred technology for preformatted reports that would typically need to be printed out. However, there will be a huge drive to move towards online analysis in Analytics. Users want to move away from printed reports and start using an analysis platform that they can customise. A second phase would see asset management information not in On Key incorporated into Analytics. This will give the users a holistic view on the asset management information across multiple information systems.”

On Key Analytics will hold many long-term benefits for Pragma and its clients. Pragma will use world class BI capabilities as part of its ACC service. This will increase the accuracy and efficiency of the ACC service, and it will allow the AC Engineers to do better analysis, which will translate into improvement initiatives based on quantitative evidence. New features that will be introduced by Analytics are dashboarding, interactive visualisation (like maps), collaboration functionality and online analytical processing.

Clients will welcome the accessibility to their data that Analytics will bring, as well as the holistic Asset Management perspective that it will give. Analytics is accessible on the web as part of On Key, and can be accessed with mobile devices. This will give clients the ability to make informed decisions based on analysis. The simplicity, with which analysis can be executed, will have a huge efficiency impact on Asset Care practitioners reliant in information. By having a better ability to interpret data, improvement initiatives can be focused on critical items where most value can be extracted. Analytics will be available to all On Key users.

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