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On Key extensions report interface

In Today’s business world – Real-time data velocity isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s a Can’t-do-without!

The challenges facing your business today are staggering. The economy is
volatile; competition is high; and your customers are demanding more
for less. How do you ensure accessibility of the right information to
the right people, in real-time?

Pragma can help!

On Key Extensions and more specific the Report interface module, offered
in support of the ACC Service, forms the driving source for a
360-Degree Insight into your business – the key to Success.

Leverage Data Exploration and Visualisation
The purpose of the On Key Extensions Report Interface is to provide the
means for Asset Care Centres and On Key users to view On Key reports
online, arming you with the insight to act more quickly and make
smarter, more effective business decisions.

The Pragma ACC offering enhanced through the deployment of real-time
business dashboards will allow organisations to create a stronger link
between business strategy and its execution by making real-time critical
business decisions.

On Key Extensions Report Interface for On Key is available in two views, namely:

  • The Dashboard view, which shows one or more reports in the On Key
    Extensions SSRS Report Library that are refreshed at a specific time
    interval, and
  • The Explorer view, from which an On Key User can view reports in the
    On Key Extensions SSRS Report Library that are associated with the User
    Groups to which the On Key User is linked.

What is SSRS?

As integrated part of On Key Extensions – Report Interface, Reporting
Services combines the data management capabilities of SQL Server and
Microsoft Windows Server to deliver real-time information to support
daily operations and drive decisions.

The Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) solution is a
comprehensive, server-based solution that enables the creation,
management, and delivery of interactive, Web-based reports.

SSRS report exporting capabilities allows for data analysis in user
familiar formats, such as Microsoft Excel with collapsible data views.

The result? Multi-dimensional Benefits:

  • Accurate and timely reporting,
  • Streamlined access – No need for client application installs,
    security ports to be opened, client upgrades, etc – all you need is
    access to the internet,
  • Anticipate risks and drive sustainability,
  • Improved decision-making processes due to the availability and transparency of real-time business data, and
  • Data velocity.

On the Path to Real-time data insight
Effective utilisation of On Key Extensions allows you to get a clearer
view of the big picture, and use this information to drive business
Real time data insight allows you to move forward and move decisively.
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