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On Key UX Design Team Joins Maze Customer Advisory Board

On Key’s dynamic design team has been invited to join the likes of IBM, Windows and Amazon on the Maze Customer Advisory Board. Maze, who has been recognized by Web Summit as one of their Top 30 Seed Startups Worldwide, is a user testing platform that turns prototypes into actionable insights from real users.

“We use Maze extensively to ensure that On Key’s user experience and interface are world-class. Participating in the Advisory Board will assist us in ensuring that the product aids us in our design process even more,” says On Key UX/UI Design Lead Jeandre Geldenhuys.

The Maze team first noticed the positive impact that the On Key design team could have on their product when they logged a request for an A/B testing feature.

“We believe that one good idea is not enough. We endeavour to always test at least three great ideas or design concepts before making the final decision. From time to time, we end up in a deadlock between two concepts. With the A/B test feature added to Maze this is no longer a problem,” explains Jeandre.

“Just like the Maze team, we’re committed to improving our range of products and appreciate the opportunity to build stronger relationships with like-minded companies.” Concludes Jeandre.

On Key is a best-of-breed enterprise asset management system. By drawing on more than 30 years physical asset management engineering expertise the product has gained a cult following in the engineering fraternity.

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