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On Key Work Manager App Lets get the job done

After rigorous testing and the completion of a pilot project, our mobile On Key application, called Work Manager is ready for action and has already been rolled out as part of two national retailers’ physical asset management plans.

The new app will play a key role in improving data velocity and the productivity of our clients’ maintenance staff. It allows artisans or contractors to view their work orders, track the duration of their work, provide basic feedback and to obtain an electronic sign-off for completed work, directly at their workplace on their smartphones. The native mobile app retains its work management functionality whilst offline and synchronises with On Key as soon as connectivity is restored. Live data gets fed back directly into On Key, from where it is processed to reflect the maintenance history and work status.

The increase in data velocity allows artisans and contractors to stay informed while they are on the go and to give feedback directly into On Key without delay. On the other hand, managers will be able to make better, informed decisions at a faster pace regarding the prioritisation of work and deployment of their resources.

“As a group of industrial engineers, we are always looking for opportunities to improve. Our team of developers is already hard at work to add additional features to support our clients on their journey to asset management optimisation,” says Pragma Research and Development Director Arnold Botha.

To name only a few, these new features will allow artisans to:

  • view which spares are required for a job;
  • capture labour used;
  • complete tasks (including usage-based and inspection tasks);
  • activate follow-up tasks;
  • scan an asset, to ensure that work is done on the correct asset.

“When used in conjunction with On Key, our enterprise asset management system, we believe that this app will become a powerful physical asset management tool. Although the app is currently only available for Android devices, we plan to expand it to iOS and Windows soon,” concludes Arnold.

The On Key Work Manager mobile application is the perfect solution for the maintenance engineer’s demand for real-time data transactions at point of performance. Activating and completing work and giving feedback via mobile devices is now an absolute requirement in the asset-intensive industry to meet the demand for 24/7 equipment availability.

By making use of the On Key EAMS, businesses are empowered with timeous data for good asset-related decisions, both for short-term operational excellence, as well as longer term strategic positioning.

To learn more about our new mobile application, our On Key EAMS and how we can assist you in optimising the performance of your assets, contact André Jordaan on +27 21 943 3900 or email him on Andre.Jordaan@pragmaworld.net.

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