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PAS 55 Bootcamp

There is much talk about the new Asset Management specification PAS 55 (Publically Available Specification number 55). Some have dismissed it, some have embraced it, and the majority are trying to better understand the role and function it may have within their organisations. Pragma Acuity has assisted numerous clients to successfully align their asset management strategies and practices with the PAS, and we understand what benefits this holds for clients. To provide a clear understanding of the role, function and content of PAS 55, Pragma have put together a two-day course which provides not only an end-to-end view of PAS 55, but an understanding of how to make it work as an improvement driver within an organisation.

The courses will commence in March 2011. The presenters, Dean Griffin, Grahame Fogel and Stefan Terblanche all have firsthand experience in assisting clients to successfully align their operations with PAS 55. The courses will form part of the Pragma Academy offering and will be presented throughout South Africa.
Interested parties can contact the Academy Manager, Billy Wilson at 011 848 6940 or Pragma Acuity Consultant, Dean Griffin at 021 943 3900.

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