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When should you seek help with your asset register?

If you want to embark on a digitisation journey, you definitely have to speak to us. If you can’t give a firm answer to the following questions, it is a sure sign that you need some help with your asset register.

  • Which assets do I own?
  • Where are my assets located?
  • What are the characteristics or attributes of my assets?
  • What is the condition of my assets?
  • Is my asset register up to date, accurate and complete?
  • Is my asset register verified to my auditor’s satisfaction?
  • Is my asset register compliant with the applicable legislation and accounting standards?

Projects and success stories

Reference story | Airports | Accurate asset register

Our client gained control of their assets and now know what assets they have, their location, condition and value.

White paper | Asset Register Management

The asset register is the repository for the asset data and provides the structure within which asset history is recorded.

Case Study | Distribution Facilities | Retail | Pepkor

We assisted the client to achieve a 50% decrease in turn around time to complete work orders, an accurate and up to date asset register and better control over technical and soft service contractors.

Contact the specialists

Darryl Aberdein

Partner Consultant

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Melissa McLoughlin

Associate Consultant

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