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When should you seek help with contractor management?

From our experience, business partnership, such as outsourced services can be difficult to manage when they are not correctly contracted from the start. Proper service level agreements can help to eliminate performance issues, but there are a host of other challenges that must be addressed to secure a trusting win-win relationship.  If you are unable to give a positive response to the questions below, you need to seek help with the management of your service providers:

  • Do you have the best contractor for the job?
  • Does the contractor perform his/her work in line with your business ethics and values?
  • Is the contractor sufficiently trained to do the job according to health and safety requirements?
  • Does the contractor complete the job within a reasonable time according to agreed service levels?
  • Does the contractor perform the work at a competitive price and stay within agreed costing structure?
  • What risks do you face in terms of business continuity if you lose this contractor?
  • Do you have all the legal documentation in place to protect you in case of contract breach?
  • Do you have performance measures in place to ensure that the contractor delivers work according to an agreed service level agreement?
  • What is the cost and risk involved with recalls?
  • Is the quality of the workmanship up to standard?

Projects and success stories

Client Reference | Distributed Facilities | Retail | Contract and Contractor Management | On Key

Improving contractor control and rates could result in a potential saving of more than 10% on the total repairs and maintenance spend.

Reference story | Retail | Costing Model

One costing model, applied across our 200+ contractors enables us to thoroughly manage/verify invoices.

Case Study | Distributed Facilities | Office Management | Curo Fund Services | Contractor Management and Work Processes

This is how we reduced our client's printing paper usage by 25% and reduced their monthly recycling costs by 308% while working with them to develop an FM strategy.

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