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When should you seek help with information management?

With so much data going around, we know how daunting it can be for different roles to extract the right information. In our dealings with clients, these are the typical concerns that we come across and help them address:

  • The time it takes to create an information delivery platform.
  • Accessibility of information by business users.
  • Interpretation of large volumes of data.
  • Difficulty combining information from multiple sources.
  • The effort of having reports changed by IT.
  • Data mining difficulties.
  • “After the fact” reports which are interesting, but useless.
  • Managers depending on data analysts to find out what is happening.

Projects and success stories

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Reporting

In this video, we have a look at how the enterprise asset management system, On Key, development has assisted managers with their KPI’s such as cost control, high plant reliability, people and resource management, safety and continuous plant improvement.

Case Study | Mining | Manganese | Embedded Email Reports

MMC noticed that their personnel use their mobile phones extensively to access their daily reports. With most of their other reports embedded into the body of the email, the reports sent as attachments were less efficient for mobile usage and they requested us to embed the two reports into the email body in their current format.

Client Reference | Mining | Coal | Compliance Dashboard

Our client consists of 4 mid-size coal mines, covering underground, opencast, beneficiation plant as well as discard handling disciplines. Pragma on-site team created the first draft of Excel sheets to monitor the compliance per site and website App development that was created by Pragma AC Engineer.

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