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Value and ROI on maintenance readiness


ROI on maintenance readiness


The maintenance readiness process is usually initiated by the Project team applying rigorous focus to the detailed technical design and build aspects of the project. If this is neglected from the outset, it can potentially lead to practical challenges in achieving the desired return on investment at project close out. It is suggested that the transition from execution to operations is where high-value leakage occurs.

Certain case studies illustrated that up to 30% of the initial study value has been destroyed. (Illustrated in the graph alongside.) [Source: Adapted from Deloitte, 2012. Effective Operational Readiness of Large Mining Capital Projects – Avoiding value leakage in the transition from project execution into operations. Article.]

Projects and success stories

Case Study | Mining and Minerals | Coal | Exxaro | Maintenance Readiness Project

The new Belfast mine is a high value-add coal project in the Mpumalanga region, with an expected Life of Mine (LOM) of 17 years for the first phase and it presents an excellent opportunity to grow the coal business. The proper management and maintenance of assets on a newly commissioned plant can immediately fall behind if not planned properly.

Brochure | Asset Care Plan Development

Asset care plan development (ACPD) is the process of developing or improving tactical asset care plans (ACPs) on assets, by following a structured methodology.

Brochure | Asset Life Cycle Management

Asset life cycle management explains how to develop life cycle plans for critical assets in terms of their expected economic life, mid-life overhaul plan, maintenance approach, suitability of the technology and life cycle costs.

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