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The advantages of work planning and control

Work Planning and Control Rules for Ranking

With WPC in place, unpleasant surprises are eliminated and the scene is set for a stable and predictable environment that works according to predefined rules.

Basic WPC in place gives you:

  • Peace of mind that preventive and statutory tasks are being done.
  • Accurate maintenance costing, including labour, contractors and spare parts.
  • A realistic account of backlog and an effective system to reduce the initial backlog, moving from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance.
  • Easy identification and safe removal of duplicate tasks and work orders.
  • A simplified and semi-automated planning and scheduling cycle.

Advanced WPC in place gives you:

  • Better utilisation of the maintenance staff’s time.
  • Improved coordination between Operations, Maintenance and stores.
  • Accurate budgeting based on forecasted tactical maintenance, labour and spare parts.
  • Availability of spare parts and other resources when needed.
  • Optimal utilisation of equipment stoppages for opportunistic maintenance.
  • Elimination of wasteful waiting time.
  • Proper prioritisation of maintenance work according to predefined rules.

Projects and success stories

Case Study | Manufacturing Glass | Nampak Glass | FI on IS Machine Maintenance Strategy

This project forms an integral part of the bigger asset management process by highlighting specific focus areas for immediate improvement.

Client Reference | Local Government | Metropolitan Municipality | Fleet Management | Optimisting Fuel Consumption

The Pragma Asset Care Centre and the client’s management team focused on and developed areas of improvement for the fleet service provider.

Case Study | Local Government | Metropolitan Municipality | Work Planning and Control on SAP Mobile App

Work Planning and Control managed by the Asset Care Centre (ACC) at a local municipality plays an integral part in the execution of maintenance work orders. A mobile SAP solution was recently rolled out at the client.

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