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Partnering with you to improve
asset performance

We provide appropriate resources, processes and technologies when needed

Is your maintenance and reliability capacity enough to ensure your business remains competitive?

A structured asset management programme that consists of formal business processes, with supporting technologies and skilled people to plan and execute work, plays a significant role in the success of any business.

Compliance, accurate record-keeping, cost reduction and resource constraints, combined with a need to improve reliability, service levels, quick retrieval of information for decision-making, and strategic assistance, are common challenges that our new clients face daily, irrespective of their industry.

Suppose your organisation does not have the time and budget to invest in a fully-fledged asset management team but needs to quickly mature its AM practices and get the most out of its equipment, machinery or plant. Or, you require the expertise to ensure proper planning and scheduling, contractor management, reliability engineering and maintenance management. Does either of these scenarios sound familiar? Then Pragma’s Asset Care Service is your answer.

Assess the current maturity and performance of your asset management (AM) practices and see where you are on our AM roadmap.

The value of a strategic asset management partnership

The Pragma approach

When signing up a new client, we conduct a gap assessment to determine how mature the client’s asset management practices are and what they need to have to ensure a more stable, predictable environment.

Informed by the assessment results and collaboration with the client, an AM strategy, AM policy, KPIs and an AM roadmap are developed. Based on this information, a customised Asset Care Service team is established to execute the AM strategy.

In addition, monthly and quarterly feedback sessions are critical client touch points to monitor progress on client goals.

What is an Asset Care Service?

Our asset care service synergistically brings together people, processes and technology to execute your asset management strategy. The service slots in with your existing maintenance team to manage your assets to support your bigger overall organisational objectives.

Typically, the service complements your existing maintenance and reliability team with Pragma’s engineers, planners and schedulers with an agreed day-to-day maintenance management activities via an Asset Care Service (ACS). These experts are continuously trained to apply Pragma’s business processes and tools to ensure that your equipment, machinery, or other physical assets are reliable and correctly maintained.

Essentially, the ACS takes the guesswork out of maintenance and allows you to focus on your organisation’s core objectives. Depending on your requirements, you can choose to have an Asset Care Service team at your facility/facilities or tap into a shared team based at a Pragma office. The service typically consists of the components listed below.

ACS service components

Apart from actively managing our service agreement with you and ensuring that we deliver on the scope of our agreement, we also take care of the following:

Contractor management

  • On-boarding of new contractors
  • Contractor allocations and changes
  • Daily contractor management
  • Performance score cards and reports

Site inspections

  • Site inspections
  • Obtain purchase orders (POs)
  • Verify asset attributes
  • Over inspections on work completed
  • Master data changes
  • Travel

Technical support

  • Quotations
  • Technical queries
  • Outstanding POs
  • Outstanding work
  • TechCom meetings
  • Travel

Planning and scheduling

  • Master data administration (ACPs and contractor allocations)
  • Monitor planned maintenance/services
  • Schedule work in On Key (generate work orders)


  • Agree on and set up custom reports
  • Generate and distribute reports
  • Analysis and trending
  • Focus areas and areas for improvement highlighted

Reliability engineering

  • A long-term insourced model, or
  • Short-term projects where we do specialist tasks, or
  • A mentoring model where we show you how

Maturing your asset management function

To learn more about our business processes and how we implement best practices, take a journey through our roadmap using the interactive scenes.

Download roadmap

Road Map showing steps to Sustainable Enterprise Asset Management
Start here.
Place your mouse cursor over a scene to read more about it.

Projects and success stories

Client Reference | Manufacturing | Focused Improvement project addressing high failure rate of equipment

Our client is a leading automotive manufacturer in South Africa. The client embarked on a journey to implement an asset management system based on the Pragma Way. One part of that system is Focused Improvement and structured problem-solving

Client Reference | Distributed Facilities | Retail | SLA driven performance

Our client is a large supermarket retailer in Africa, operating over 2,500 outlets under 15 brands. To maintain infrastructure to provide this service requires a full-time physical asset management partner. Our client has partnered with us to render this service at more than 480 of their outlets throughout most of South Africa.

Reference story | Retail | Costing Model

One costing model, applied across our 200+ contractors, enables us to manage and verify invoices thoroughly.


Why Pragma?

We partner with clients to optimise enterprise asset management and strive to assist them in balancing asset performance, cost and risk. This is why we only hire well-qualified individuals and ensure we continuously invest in their development, allowing them to evolve into the specialists our clients require. Furthermore, we always go the extra mile to ensure they have the specialist tools and access to our intellectual property to deliver a world-class service. Essentially our service offering is an end-to-end, integrated solution provided across industries.

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